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Simple Golf Swing - Best Golf Course Guide - Better Golf Training
Play the best golf of your life in just two weeks or your money back.

THE SIMPLE GOLF SWING-Simple Golf Swing - Best Golf Course Guide - Better Golf Training-Play the best golf of your life in

Add amazing distance to every drive and cut your handicap by up to twelve strokes with the only instruction system proven to help almost any golfer break 80.Dear Friend and Fellow Golfer,
   Can you handle the truth?
   Most club pros don't think so. And certainly none of the other golf instruction sites will tell you what I'm about to.
  You'll never develop a swing like Tiger's. Or for that matter, Mickelson's,  Els's, Daly's or Garcia's.
  To be brutally frank, no matter how hard you try or how often you practice, odds are you'll NEVER be able to swing the club like the top tour pros.

Why? Because, like most of us, you weren't born with their physical ability.
   Besides, each of the big-money pros has a swing that's unique to his (or her) physique. It's hardwired into the DNA. That's how they got to be big-money pros.
   Does that mean you'll never play better than you play right now? That you're doomed to be a duffer? The butt of countless jokes from your buddies? A study in frustration?
No! Nein! Nyet! Non!! No way!
Because there's another, more important truth. It doesn't matter if you can't copy Tiger.Or any of the top tour pros. You don't have to even try. You shouldn't try. Because I'm going to help you develop a swing guaranteed to help you Play better golf than you ever thought possible in two short weeks or I'll send your money back. Actually, it's more than a swing. It's a whole System. But don't let that scare you. It's very simple. That's the beauty of it. And why I call it
You'll learn the Simple Golf Swing in just three hours.
You'll lower your score by at least seven strokes within the first two rounds.
You'll start playing the best golf of your life by week two.
You'll drop at least 12 strokes off your handicap at the end of two weeks.
You'll be a different golfer in a month. That old bogey plus golfer that was you will be totally transformed. Just imagine the look on the faces of your golfing buddies

Infuse Power & Distance Quickly And Easily

Mike Pedersen's POWER GOLF PROGRAM-Infuse Power & Distance Quickly And Easily

Mike Pedersen's POWER GOLF PROGRAM-Infuse Power & Distance Quickly And Easily

"Here's How To End Your Frustration, Maximize Your Golf Potential, And Be The Top Dog In Your Foursome..."
"...Your Golf Swing Will Have Effortless Power....Producing Amazingly Long And Straight Drives That Blow By Your Golfing Buddies By 30 Yards On Every Hole"
Introducing "Mike Pedersen's Power Golf Training Program: "How Infuse Power And Distance Quickly And Easily... Guaranteed!
The "Power Golf Training Program" is your golf performance success guide in downloadable e-book format, jam-packed cover to cover with all the golf improvement tips, techniques and methods previously known by only a small handful of the worlds best golfers. This book contains all the information you'll ever need to instantly play your best golf!

                         Here's Just A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover:

  Why most golfers will never reach their potential and how you can quickly transform your game and leave them in your dust! (This concept is very simple and you'll be shocked at the results!)...
   Learn the secret of training your muscles to consistently hit the ball near toperfection every time. I'll share with you the biggest secret to conditioning your muscles to do what
you want them to do - one sweet killer swing after another.
   How to train your body to do the things that a "killer" golf swingdemands... and learn it in a fraction of the time that it would normally take (Imagine giving your mind and your muscles the equivalent of 760 hours training in just 3 hours! How much do you think that could improve your game? It's inevitable isn't it? Even if you've been playing the game for 30-40 years - you can achieve massive improvementin a matter of weeks)...
   How to make your body as limber as those rubber band punks you see belting the golf ball a country mile... even though they weigh 85 pounds and stand 5 feet tall. (You'll never be disgusted off the tee ever again)...

  The simple exercise you can do to make your balance rock-solid. This is the well guarded secret to avoid those slices and hooks that send your ball wildly flying into the rough, sand traps and water hazards. Imagine that ball sailing down the middle of the fairway time after time.

   But there's even more...
   My special technique for unlocking your shoulders to give you maximum shoulder turn and real power you can launch into every swing and drive (if your shoulders are "locked up" and not giving you the flexibility you desperately need, your game isshot before you begin - but this easy exercise opens you up like a well-read book)...
   The embarrassingly minor change you can make to each exercise which doubles or tripleseach movement's effectiveness (automatically programming your muscles - LITERALLY BURNING IT INTO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS - to play shots that give you astonishing pin-point accuracy)
   My unique 3-minute game warm-up routine that prepares you to play kick-ass golf from the very first tee (this is a routine that virtually no-one ever does - quite frankly because very few people understand how critical it is for adding 10... 20... 30 yards to your drives)...
   A "killer" stretch for your back to give you maximum movement just when you need it (again, a key component of ANY pro golfer's game - and something you won't learn from any gym instructor or personal trainer)...
   How to easily develop both flexibility and strength without having to work out like a gym junkie! (no matter what age you are). And you should also know that this system is NOT about building up more muscle. It's about using what you already have yet getting massive increases in your power (increasing your muscle mass can actuallyshorten your swing)...
   The amazing little exercise which dramatically boosts the strength in your shoulders(and yet, it only takes 30 seconds)...
   Learn the one "special move" you must do on the course to insure proper muscle memory before every shot...

   You'll also discover...
   How you can follow one specially designed exercise and do the equivalent of over one hundred golf swings in less than a minute! I guarantee this will add 20 yards to your drives in 7 days or less...
   Three "golf stretches" you must do in your home, to get your lower back loose, before you even get into your car...   Learn this dynamic golf warm-up that can be done in less than 5 minutes and you don't even need to hit any balls to be ready to play...
   The #1 stretch you should do "on the course" if you have a bad back. Skip it and play with a painful back for years to come. This exercise alone can significantly reduce your back pain on the course - in some cases eliminate it forever...
   The quick and simple test to determine your current level of golf specific fitness...
   Why using machines in your gym or home is hurting your golf swing not helpingit...
   Why you must have a certain combination of food before you play to ensure maximum concentration and energy...
   The reason you should NOT eat a sandwich or hot dog at the turn. Andif you do... what will happen to your game on the back nine...
   How using a rubber band in your office will dramatically improve your swing mechanics and power...
   Secrets of stretching that will amplify your body's ability to produce a BIG backswing and complete follow through for better consistency (it's so simple, you'll shake your head when you hear it)...
   How hitting fewer balls on the range can actually help your swing. Why your hours on the driving range are probably a complete waste of time and how you can make any practice you do pay off to really improve your golf game...

Proven Golf Instruction Program

HOW TO BREAK 80-Proven Golf Instruction Program

best golf course-HOW TO BREAK 80-Proven Golf Instruction Program

Everyday Working-Man Exposes the 'Tiger-Like' Fundamentals Any Golfer Can Use to Drop At Least 7-10 Strokes From Their Average Scores!

How To Break 80® will drastically improve your game!
If it doesn't I'll personally send you $50.00
just for trying it!
That's how confident I am it works!

From Jack Moorehouse:
Let me start off by saying this is not another one of those golf gimmick web sites... this is the real deal folks.
My program has been in many major golf publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf World and several others.
I've also won several awards for my publications, authored thousands of articles and you can find my program all over the internet.

    What Do I Get When I Order How To Break 80?
When you purchase the "How To Break 80®" program, you will get a comprehensive guide to help you in all areas of your game. The whole program is designed to help you play your best golf possible and reviews all key areas of the game that are essential to breaking 80 on a consistent basis. This program provides practical and effective golf tips to start putting the fun back in your game.
Here's a look at what you get in this complete guide to lower scores:
* A New Twist on Fundamentals - Think you know the proper way to address the ball, grip the club and set up? Guess again.
* 4 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70's Instantly - In just minutes you can learn what I have toiled with for most of my life! I give you step-by-step instructions on specifically what to do in terms of your swing.
* Shotmaking Secrets - I tell you specifically how to draw and fade the ball so you can attack any pin you see and add distance when you need it.
* Dealing With Trouble Shots - New! - You'll learn how to turn adversity into birdie with these proven techniques to save you from even the toughest of bad breaks.
* How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game - You won't have to worry about hitting greens in regulation when I teach you how to get up and down from nearly everywhere.
* The Simple Formula for Short Game Shots - New! - This is one of the best and easiest lessons I learned to simplify the complex short game shots for handicappers of all levels.
* Mastering the Chip ShotNew! - I'll reveal to you the foolproof way to consistently chip the ball so you catch it cleanly every time and put the right amount of roll and loft on your shots.
* The Putting Secrets of the Pros - We all know that the real difference between the guys who play professional golf and the accomplished amateur is putting. I teach you specific techniques and drills so you can expect to drain every putt you swing at.
* Secrets to Reading Greens Properly - New! - Isn't is frustrating when you hit a putt the perfect speed and distance only to find the line was off? I'll unveil to you how read greens so that before you even hit the ball you'll have unfair advantage over your competitors!
* My Highly Effective "Putting Results" Practice Game - New! - I created this game that gets me focused on draining everything in sight. You'll learn to approach every putt as if you'll make it...even if you're 35 feet away! I detail it for you step by step to improve your putting instantly.
* A Mental Gameplan - You will learn the simple and tested methods to keep your brain on track to play your best golf possible. A good swing alone will not keep you in the 70's for long.
* Perfect Practice Techniques - I tell you step-by-step what you need to do in order to prepare yourself to break 80. I even go so far as to tell you how much time you should spend on each drill and specifically how and what to practice leading up to your round.
* Professional Pre-Shot Routine - I provide you specifically the exact things I do before every shot (mental and physical actions) for you to apply to your own.
* How to Handle Bad Shots - New! - Hitting bad shots can emotionally and mentally ruin your round and enjoyment of the game. I'll show you a bulletproof method to not only handling these tough times but turning them into opportunities for lower scores.
* Sand Play Success - New! - I recently added an entirely new chapter on Sand Play and in it I detail the exact checklist I use to get up and down from any bunker. In addition, I'll show you how to deal with trouble bunker shots such as a buried lie, hard sand and more!
* The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80 - After corresponding and working with thousands of golfers who break 80 (and a lot who don't), I line out for you the absolute must-haves for your game and how to incorporate them effectively.

* And much more...



"What'll Your Golf Buddies Say When You Effortlessly Slash Another 7 Strokes Off Your Average Just 2 Rounds From Now?"

Head Teaching Professional Bobby Eldridge

Weekly Tips and Lessons
       Tips and lessons on specific aspects of the game. It's like a lesson each week from one of golf's great teaching pros. And it's for PurePoint Program members only.
DVD Clips
        It's like having the entire PurePoint Instructional DVD library at your fingertips. Each month, you'll receive clips from our videos on the specific part of the game you're working on.
Breakdown Sessions
         Every month we further break down the subject with screen shots from the DVD and new photos to show you exactly how to complete specific mechanics. You'll get these via online video.
Practice Drills
         We'll send you specific practice drills that help you complete and understand the topic of the DVD clips and breakdown sessions. These will help you understand what the correct method feels like. They'll also help "burn in" the correct mechanics into your swing.
Worksheets / Assignments
         No, it's not exactly homework. It's a way of measuring your progress. These Worksheets will help you play with the right equipment, know the approximate distance of each iron and wedge, as well as your fairways hit percentage, greens in regulation percentage, number of putts per round and more.
Swing Analyzer Software
         Compare your golf swing to a real golf pro with side-by-side video! All you have to do is download the software to your computer and import video or stills of your golf swing. Then at any time, you can download additional videos of the golf pros swing.
Live Teleseminars
          Every month, Bobby hosts a teleseminar to discuss that month's golf topic. He'll talk about what you can do to improve your score, answer any questions on the subject and help you with specific situations. Bobby also shares his theories on what makes up great golf. This is your chance to learn and interact with Bobby directly.
Training Aid Evaluations
         Training aids can be very useful but there a lot of them on the market that simply don't work. We'll tell you which ones are worth your while and how to get the most out of them.
Tracking Worksheets
          You'll be able to track your own progress each month by checking off items on the to-do list that we send you. Each month you'll receive a different list that will include watching videos, completing drills, completing worksheets and playing rounds of golf.
PurePoint Member Forum
          Here's another way you and Bobby can communicate about the PurePoint Program and how you're doing in it. It's a place for members to ask questions and get answers to your specific questions regarding the Program, your swing, or any other golf related topic.
Private Stat Tracker
          As a Member, you'll be able to register and use our proprietary game tracking software. This will enable you to automatically track greens in regulation (GIR), fairways hit percentage, handicap (unofficial), putts, and much more. You'll also be able to compete in leagues and tournaments.

Conditioning with Terrence Thomas

golf swing-HARDSTYLE GOLF-Conditioning with Terrence Thomas

golf swing-HARDSTYLE GOLF-Conditioning with Terrence Thomas

Discover The Real Secret To Instant Golf Swing Power...
 Give Me 20 Minutes a Day and I'll Give You…
Instant Flexibility..Balance Of A Tree Trunk
The Explosive Power Of A Tiger and....
70 Extra Yards Off The Tee..
Without Changing Your Golf Swing!  
“It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing,” he says… and he INSISTS he can quickly teach his simple secrets to YOU… instantly adding up to 70 accurate yards to every tee
shot you hit from here on out for the rest of your life!

     Here’s What You’ll Learn…
    Discover how this golf swing speed drill will teach you the valuable skill of relaxed tension. – pg. 83
    Learn that if your kettlebell is in this position, it is a dead give away that you are not using our hip power. - pg. 57
    You never want the levator scapulae muscle to be tight because it connects to your neck and shoulder. That will put a double hurt on your golf swing. - pg. 9
    Turn any stretch into a body transforming experience. – pg. 3
If your shoulder can’t do this, your backswing is gonna stink. Get your arms into perfect position with this exercise. – pg. 114
    Protect your wrist and elbow from overuse injury with this drill. – pg. 100
    Do more of these drills as you get older and it will keep the rust off of your joints. – pg. 36
    Increase your rotation in less than 2 minutes with this warm up sequence. – pg. 47
    Bulletproof your lower back if you do this exercise. – pg. 107
    If you use this strategy along with Greasing the Groove, you’ll get stronger even faster. - pg. 138
    This exercise is the gateway drill for all other upper body drills. – pg. 127
    Russian style training logs are located right here. – pg. 164
    Get a first hand lesson in total body awareness and body tension. – pg. 67
    Let this muscle get tight and you’ll go through fire and brimstone to fix it. This stretch will save you tons of misery both on and off the golf course. – pg. 11
    Open up your spine and ribcage with this simple and relaxing stretch. – pg. 15
    When you have difficulty pivoting your hips, make sure you do this before you tee off. – pg. 25
    Master this exercise and add 70 yards to your drive without blinking an eye. – pg. 54
    Learn my favorite Big Bang kettlebell exercise and develop rotation strength like nothing else. – pg. 123
5 Nutrition Tips for Better Golf Performance. – pg. 161
    Cut your exercise time in half with By Proxy core conditioning. – pg. 96
    And MUCH MORE…

Destroy your Golf Slice within Minutes! -Introducing- "The Dave Way"
Anti-Slice Swing System

golf swing

golf swing-INSTANT GOLF SLICE CURE-Destroy your Golf Slice within Minutes -Introducing-Anti-Slice Swing System

"The Dave Way" Easy to Learn Steps Simple Practice Drills -equals- Straight Drives!Explosive Distance!
Here's what you will learn with "The Dave Way"
   How to keep your drives in the short grass. Step-by-step, "The Dave Way" guides your swing into producing perfectly straight golf drives.
   How to pinpoint the cause or your slicing woes. "The Dave Way" explains why you are slicing and educates you on 3 common flaws most golfers have that contribute to their slice and how to defeat these flaws.
    How to drop strokes fast and easy. "The Dave Way" grants you the knowledge to begin shaving your handicap right away. The system includes a scoring matrix which helps you keep track of your success.
    How to become a fearless golfer. Through the 4 steps and 4 drills, "The Dave Way" converts tension into confidence when you setup to the golf ball.
    How to make your drives a mindless act. After you spend a bucket of balls practicing "The Dave Way" drills you will call the tee box your home away from home!
    How to turn golf frustration into fun. "The Dave Way" will not only fix your golf slice, it will give you a more complete outlook on the game. It will license you to own the round, instead of the round owning you.

The Next Time You Play or Why not even Tiger Woods can teach you to play better golf!

PLAY BETTER GOLF-The Next Time You Play or Why not even Tiger Woods can teach you to play better golf-GOLF SWING

Where is the problem?
   * Obviously, we do not practice the basics enough.
   * Obviously, we do not go for intensive coaching.
   * Obviously, we do not have the time, or the inclination, to go through a major swing and game revamps.
    * Obviously, we are playing the game to enjoy it and not as a career.
    * We want to arrive at the golf course, after a week at work, and just play the game. And we expect it to be better than the week before!

Can you Improve?
But is there a way to improve our golf games, without changing everything, without putting in the hours and hours of practice it will need to really make a difference?
Jack Nicklaus, in one of his books, said that it isn't so much about hitting the perfect shot, but more about reducing the bad shots (and the blow out holes) during a round that will improve your golf score. In other words, become more consistent at playing better golf.
Again, if you have been playing the game for a while you have your good holes and your bad holes, your good shots and your bad shots, your good rounds and your bad rounds. Just think how much better your game will be if you can minimize the bad shots, holes, rounds!
   "Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly" is an electronic book (you download it onto your computer) with 10 easy lessons that will instantly transform your game. Without hours of practice, without pounding a million balls on the driving range.
    "Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly" will teach you how to:
    * Hit the ball cleaner and sweeter and probably longer, the next time you play golf!
    * Lose your fear of three and four foot putts! And sink more putts the next time you play golf.
    * How to be a scratch golfer at putting, averaging two putts per hole or less, consistently!

This one may take a bit longer to achieve.
* How to play better golf! The next to you play golf.
* How to enjoy the game more! The next time you play golf.
* Improve your handicap by at least 10% in three months.
PLAY BETTER GOLF-The Next Time You Play or Why not even Tiger Woods can teach you to play better golf-GOLF SWING

"Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly" will give you the steps to play better golf every time, even when you are under pressure.
All this without more practice!
"Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly" was written by an amateur for amateurs who just want to be more consistent, and maybe cut a few strokes off their handicaps.
Why are most golf lessons useless?
Psychologists tell us that it takes 21 days of practice for a change in habit to become ingrained. How often, after reading golf tip, or taking a golf lesson, have you spent 21 days practicing it? Never? That's why they seldom work.
The only golf lessons that ever worked for me was years ago, when I went to a 7 day golf school, and we stood on the practice tee from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday, pounding golf balls. That little episode gave me blisters on all my fingers, nearly ruined my back but took 10 shots off my average golf game!
That is one option.
Forget about the "No Pain, No Gain" philosophy!
The easier option is: "Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly"
"Mind Games: 10 Mind Lessons Guaranteed To Improve Your Golf Game Instantly" will take strokes off your golf game without going through the pain.
Now, now! I am not promising that you will take 10 shots off your game instantly.
I am promising that you will improve your game and start seeing the difference from the next time you play a round of golf.
In fact, I guarantee that you will improve your average golf score by at least 5% in three months (that is 5 shots if you now average 100), without practicing more than you probably do now, if you apply these lessons to your game.

by Scot Duke
Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC
Helping the Golf Industry Grow through effective use of Social Media...

better golf-GOLF SWING-HOW TO PLAY BUSINESS GOLF by Scot Duke-Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC Helping the Golf Industry Grow through effective use of Social Media

Do you want to be successful AND play more golf?
      This information-packed eBook is LOADED with everything you need to know to succeed in playing Business Golf.
      The book is designed exclusively for anyone who wants to find a way to fit:
      * Business into their Golf day
      * Or, Golf into their Business day.
      If you currently are not playing golf, this book takes a look at Business Golf from a non-golfer’s point of view and outlines why you may need to consider learning the game of golf.
      For the Avid golfers who find it hard to spend the time they want playing golf, this book outlines the P’s & Q’s to adding Business Golf to the way you do business while enjoying the game of golf.

Learn NEW and PROVEN ways on how to: 
Effortlessly Increasing your sales
Sky-rocket your profits Generate leads or prospectsCut-costs and save money Quickly Beat your competitionSave valuable time
Market more efficiently

While You….Build Solid Business Relationships
Improve Marketing to New Clients
Expand Market Penetration
Improve Your Business’ Image
Expand Your Business Networking
Develop Employee Commonality
Increase Employee Morale
Get out on the Golf Course More
Improve your Golf Game
Enhance Your Personal Life
And much more...

Here are just a few of the strategies you will learn: 
  What is Business Golf

  This NEW Strategy to Market Your Business is being used NOW! 
   How to Harvest More Business by knowing how to use Business Golf.
   The SECRET to how to use Business Golf to expose your business to potential customers.
    How To Use Business Golf To Secure Sales!
I will share my knowledge on how Golf can be used to secure NEW sales and keep your
    Sales coming in through the building of solid business relationships.

Spend More Time With Your Child! And Play more Golf

beter golf-GOLF SWING-THE ULTIMATE JUNIOR GOLF GUIDE-Spend More Time With Your Child! And Play more Golf

golf swing-GOLF SWING-THE ULTIMATE JUNIOR GOLF GUIDE-Spend More Time With Your Child! And Play more Golf

Don't Miss Our Holiday Price Discount!
Discover the Fast, Fun and Easy Way To Introduce Your Kid To Golf And Improve Your Kid's Golf Game With...
“The Secret Formula for Raising the Next Greatest Golf Player!”
The Ultimate Junior Golf Guide
Your One-Stop Resource For Everything You Need
To Grow Your Child's Love For Golf!

    Which Of These Powerful Secrets   Could You Use To Raise The   Next Greatest Golf Player?
    Discover the most important aspect of not only helping your child become a better golf player, but also experiencing complete fulfillment and enjoyment from the game (your child will learn the key ingredient to having the most fun and precision)
    Learn three secrets to PREVENT wasting your time and money trying too hard to teach your child to be successful at golf.
    Learn how to determine your child’s potential in golf (this information will help you to determine whether your child is seriously into the game of golf or just going through another phase that will fizzle out in time).
    Discover three secrets of hitting the ball with perfection that will help you improve your own game as well.
    Learn how to make and keep the game fun especially when your son or daughter gets into competition.
    Learn one of the greatest secrets to improving your child’s swing tempo (you may want to use this secret yourself too!)
    Discover five important things you should know to become the best golf parent a child can dream about (your child’s golf game will improve dramatically and your relationship will be stronger if your follow these tips).
    …And a whole lot more!
   Your child will experience increased self esteem and confidence. As your child learns golf the right way, and is able to spend more time with you in the golf course, he/she will experience a boost in self worth that will stay with him or her for ever.

THE GOLF COURSE GUIDE - 2009 Golf Guide Ebook

golf course-GOLF SWING-THE GOLF COURSE GUIDE - 2009 Golf Guide Ebook


     Discover all our golfing treasures in this brilliant book, and pay specially
    Golf Resorts   -  Public Courses  -  Private Clubs with Green Fee Times  -  Course Rankings  -  Real Estate Opportunities  -  Location Maps  -  Phone Numbers  -  Green Fee and Hire Costs  -  Comp and Visitor Times
    Website and E-mail

   Order now at no risk. Keep the book for as long as you wish - if you can't SAVE the purchase price, or if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the book to our Reply Paid address for a prompt refund.

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