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horse racing gambling websites

Dream Lays The Balay System Betting Super Profits horse racing course horse racing handicapping
Dream Lays The Balay System Betting Super Profits Racing by The Points Horse Racing Handicapping Secrets
Betalay Horse Racing System Multi Bets Software & The Dominator Plan profit sports betting system The Puntology Wealthy Tipster Secrets
Betalay Horse Racing System Multi Bets Software & The Dominator Plan Betting Cash Kings The Puntology Wealthy Tipster Secrets

Lay Horses For A Living - Professional Laying Tips

making any racing investment profitable

   Getting started in the business is easier than you think. Dreamlays has been growing on the racing advisory market from month to month and has developed into a leading profitable service. After being in the industry for a considerable amount of time, we noticed there was a definite need for a truthful and honest service that generates consistent profits at REALISTIC PRICES.
   Now you can get ahead by following the experts with our lay tipping service ! With our team of experts we will provide YOU our customer with a privileged and discreet service in order to gain significant profits from Laying horses to LOSE!

   Don't be fooled by the many betting systems on the internet that simply do not live up to their promises ! Through personal experience, we can tell you that most of these systems that claim they will make you rich in a very short period of time are a con, a waste of time and ultimately a waste of your money.

   We do not believe in betting systems, we believe there is no substitute for hard work when selecting horses to bet on. The tips are carefully selected and so far the results have been excellent. The aim is to achieve a consistantly high strike rate and return on investment for steady and sustainable bank growth with consistently good results month in month out.

   We take things here seriously as your satisfaction is very important to us, as we want you to stay onboard with us, that's why the service we provide is one of the best around. What sets us apart from the rest is our professionalism and our commitment to racing BUT most of all our EXCELLENT RESULTS.

Betting Strategies for Horse Racing

Horse Racing and Betting System | Win at horse racing

horse racing guaranteed to make money
The Balay System

Statistically formulated racing system brilliantly designed to give you a low risk, tax-free income for life!
Revolutionary new system takes the stress out of race investing, because no matter what the horses do, win or lose,
you win!
(This is not an arbitraging, trading or dutching system.)
Please Note: This system does make extensive use of Betting Exchanges.  Please do check if you can legally use a Betting Exchange in your country of domicile.

    Discover how to create a regular steady income with only 20 minutes preparation every day!

  • Learn all about finding the right races and the right horses.
    Use the statistics to win on each selected race.
    Work from home every day without having to commute, cope with traffic jams, public transport!
  • You will need to sit at the computer all afternoon so that you can access the odds as they appear.
  • You won't need to leave the comfort of your own home to make a good income.
    Relax in life knowing you can create a steady income every month!
  • Give yourself the freedom of paying off those bills and even some of the mortgage for life.
  • Give yourself the choice of having those extra luxuries you richly deserve.
    Don't waste your time working out complicated formulas we give you
    FREE(calculators worth £60.00!)
  • Work out the calculations within seconds using the specially designed software.
  • No spending hours trying to sort out the right odds at the right time.
    Learn the skills to give you a steady income of at least £500 a week.
    This is NOT a get rich quick scheme - this will give you a weekly/monthly income for years to come!

Statistically Formulated Racing System


dozen horse racing systems

"31 Year Old Maths Teacher Develops 'Unfair Advantage' To Cashing In £100,230 With A Secret Betfair System..."
Now You Can Get Yours Hands On His Exact System That Took 2 Years To Develop And Has Made A Six Figure Profit In 2010. Horse Racing and Betting Systems

Profits In 2010
Secret Betfair System

Finally, there's a secret system that:

  1) Has Produced 139 Winning Bets In 2010 Alone
  2) Doesn't Have Any Long Losing Streaks With An Incredible 65.8% Strike Rate
  3) Can Be Used By Anyone... Even With No Prior Betting Experience
  4) Only Take A Few Minutes To Use Each Day
  5) Has Produced A Six Figure Profit This Year

£12,801 In My Betfair Account
Automated Horse Racing Betting System

Betting Super Profits

A Quick And Easy 10 Point System

£100,230 In Profits This Year

Amazing 65.8% Strike Rate

139 Winning Bets

Easy Enough For Anyone To Use

What Would A True System That Has Produced £100,230 In Cold Hard Profits Be Worth To You?

   To have someone put the months of research I've done and money I've spent to come up this this system would cost you thousands.

   But the real value is in what this amazing system can now do for you. It can change your life forever it can give you the free time and money you've always wanted. It can get you the house, the cars and holidays you've always dreamed of.

   Because of the time I've put in and the knowledge of what this amazing system can do I value it very highly but lets be realistic, no one is going to pay thousands for any systems. Not with so many other so called systems and tipsters out there. I don't want the price to push you into giving your money to some "tipster" that gives you loser after loser.

   That just wouldn't make any sense at all. Like I said earlier, I'm giving you and a few others this systems and keeping it very limited so it won't effect my profits... For this reason I have no need to price it high to make lots of money. I already make my money from actually implementing this system.

   The fact is I want you and a few other lucky punters to use this system and change your life, I don't want you paying for something else, getting burned and believing no one makes money from horse racing... Not when I have the answer here.

   So... How much is it to join?

   Brace yourself because for a limited time only, you can now...

Proven Six Figure Horse Racing Betting System


horse racing course

This has got to be one of the most flexible forecasting tools on the market!!
Are you on the information treadmill and still "manually" trawling over Race Cards and "manually"allocating points to handicap each horse?

horse racing distance winner     Does the following seem familiar?

You have a race card in front of you and you wish to handicap each horse by applying pointing levels to various criteria.

For example:
5 points to each horse which won last race.
3 points to each horse which came in 2nd in its last race.
2 points to each horse which came in 3rd in its last race.
1 point to each horse which came in 4th in its last race.
3 points to a horse if it is a Course & Distance winner.
2 points to a horse if it is a Distance winner.
1 point to a horse if it is a Course winner.

etc. etc. etc.

This is where Racing By The Points comes in.

    Racing By The Points has been written with the aim of providing you with a flexible pointing platform which you can use against selected criteria for UK Mainland races.

    With so many horse racing systems in the marketplace having rigid rules non of them are going to work with every type of race. Racing By The Points has been set-up with default settings but the idea is for you to be empowered to set-up your own library of settings to use against the type(s) of race you follow.

   The forecasting process is a simple one:

   ► Select Race from Racing Post using browser within our software.
   ► Click Prepare Forecast
   ► View Forecast
   Initially, the forecast will be calculated based on Default Point Settings but if you have created a more suitable pointing level which you have saved in your library you can quickly recalculate the forecast by selecting the pointing level required.
   With any handicapping/pointing system of this nature you will require a core level of criteria to work with to enable comparisons to be made between horses and Racing By The Points will provide you with a generous assortment to use; these are shown in the diagram below:

 horse racing betting software

The Automated Approach to Selecting Winning Horses

Horse racing handicapping betting system & betting skills 94-page book from master handicapper, mathematician & author, Gordon Easton will sharpen and improve your handicapping skills and increase winning results at the track for serious horse race fanatics across the globe...

Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic

The $1 Exacta Paid $82.20

The $1 Trifecta Paid $2,510.20

How a few more dollars wagered using a simple alternative Laying strategy put an extra $2,428.00 into my pocket.
My powerful mathematical betting formulas and proven handicapping secrets are time-tested and proven. They will let you cover more horses... and more possible outcomes... for every dollar you bets. You will win more money starting the very next time you play...  Guaranteed. First of all, I will provide you with a complete set of powerful, proven, and easy-to-follow betting formulas. These will let you cover more horses for every dollar you bet when handicapping anything from a few boxed-in favorites… to such high-payoff combination tickets as Trifectas and Pick Sixes. Moreover... these mathematically precise betting configurations can be easily adapted for play at any horseracing track in the world.

  • Optimum betting strategies... and easy-to-follow "plug and play" betting formulas for every type of wager.
  • How to avoid the nine most common betting mistakes that 99% of all horse racing fans make.
  • Even the best horse in a race will not always win. Use this betting strategy for insurance when the unexpected happens—and to win even more money when the expected outcome does occur.
  • The biggest mistake Exacta players make, and an alternative strategy that will guarantee you a lot more wins!
  • In this very real example, the $1 Exacta paid $82.20, while the $1 Trifecta paid $2,510.20. Find out how a couple extra dollars wagered, using this simple betting configuration, could put a huge chunk of extra cash into your pocket.
  • It you’re short on time, use this simple tactic to maximize your winnings.
  • Identifying weak favorites in a race can make other horses a bargain. Here’s what to look for… and how to take maximum advantage of such a situation.
  • This little-known bit of advice will double your chances of discovering those young horses most likely to win while they can still put a fortune in your pocket.
  • Look for this one idiosyncrasy when betting on Quarter Horse Racing. It will vastly increase your odds of winning.
  • Some simple advice on how to avoid the "All-Or-Nothing" Syndrome.
  • The importance of Class and Condition in knowing when a Long Shot is ready to run its very best race and upset the pack.
  • How Workout Patterns can alert you to whether-or-not a horse is going to lag… or go for the gold.
  • Why a horse’s Final Time can fool you!
  • How to understand the importance of Track Variance in picking the winners.

Handicapping Secrets of the Horseracing Fanatic: Optimum Betting Strategies



If you are looking for a prover and horse racing betting system you will not find one better than this...


   To lay a horse to lose you need to bet with a betting exchange rather than a traditional bookmaker.

   With a traditional bookmaker the roles are very much pre-defined; the bookmaker lays each horse in the race, whilst the bettor backs the horse that he/she thinks will win – and there is no room for a bettor to lay a horse to lose.

In the case of the betting exchange – there are no bookmakers as such but, instead, a large gathering of bettors in one location (the exchange website) with conflicting points of view. Some want to back a horse at a certain price and others are willing to lay it. In effect, when you lay a horse to lose on a betting exchange YOU are acting in the same way as a bookmaker.

   The big difference between bookmakers and betting exchanges is that the exchanges do not care how much you win. After all, it is not their money – they just take a commission of between 2% and 5% from the winning side, regardless of who wins.

   The betting exchanges provide comprehensive help sections for new users, along with step-by-step instructions on how to place your bets



   As explained in the background section of this website, betalay is based upon the data analysis of all horse racing results going back over a decade; and purely because computers have no preconceptions, no prejudice and no emotions the system relies purely on FACTS. Free horse racing betting tips.

   This is a system which uses a mathematical formula and has been PROVEN to produce consistent profits.

   You WON'T be relying on hunches, whispers, stable gossip - or any other unreliable sources of information.

   You WON'T be relying on market moves, arbing or trading opportunities - you just place one bet on each selection to lose.


    The selection process is EASY, thanks to the internet the information needed is QUICK to access and FREE of charge.

Betalay Professional Gamblers

Multi Bets and Dominator Plan

Automated Horse Racing Betting System
Multi Bets Software & The Dominator Plan

Aim Higher and be Free Sooner
How Easy is it to Earn Money Betting?
Answer... A lot Easier with Multi Bets.

We are now releasing our Multi Bets Software and Dominator Plan.
You're doing yourself more harm than good! If you continue to bet with using this management software!
Is your money management all over the place like fish guts? (no offense intended to fishermen or woman.)
This is way better than Dutch Betting!
We will show you step by step, how to invest on the races.
You do not need to know anything about racehorse form.
The selection plan book will show exactly how to pick th 1,2, or 3 horses to bet on.

This Multi Bets/ Dominator package is for people who start with a small bank and are bold enough to rally attack the bookmakers, Tote or Betfair to make fast profits.

Sports Betting Management Techniques Automated Horse Racing Betting System

   You will break all the so-called rules when you use Multi Bets.
   What a wonderful feeling!

   The Multi Bets Software allows you to back up to 3 horses in any qualifing race.

   The races and selections are identified by the Dominator Plan. However you can use the software on any of you betting if you wish.

   This Dominator Selection Plan is desined for racing world wide. It can be easily used in any country..UK, USA, Australia,   Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan or thoughout Europe.

   The Multi Bets Software & The Dominator Plan are very powerful race horse wagering team!

   Follow the steps outlined in the ebook and using Multi Bets Software we will have you up and earning constant money in no time at all. We recommend a small starting bank of less than $200

  We do not advise any customer to risk large starting banks.. as it is not necessary with these tools.

The Ultimate Discovery In Racehorse and Sports Betting Management Techniques

The rewards are massive £128,497.61 Accumulated from Sports Betting Because of the Betting Cash King System

spread betting horse racing
horse racing mathematical formulas, algorithms and filters

How would you like to earn tax free money in breath taking amounts, every single day of your life? That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 months and I’ve already profited over £300,000 using the world’s most elite betting system. With my winning system you too could be winning in under one hour from now and pocketing huge profits. You can begin winning within one hour of purchase All you need is a computer and an internet connection; you can even use your mobile phone! You can start winning with as little as £5 in your account You can trade part-time or full-time. You have my complete support whenever you need it!

To ensure we can give the right amount of support to the new members of the team, we are only releasing a limited number of systems in every 2 week cycle. This allows the new members enough time to get up and running with all the help they need. Then the doors open for a new batch of soon-to-be Betting Ca$h Kings. So if you are within the limited number of members then Congratulations we can get you started and on your way to become a winning Ca$h King! If you don’t see the ‘Get Instant Access’ button below then I’m sorry but all the spaces have been taken this time. Please try again in two weeks’ time.

Robert Shelvey's Hugely Successful Horse Betting System

Professional Gambler Home Study Course
Start Making Monthly Betting Profits in Just 90 Minutes

Professional Gambler Home Study Course

All You Need Is Our 1st Lesson And In Just 90 Minutes You can Be Making Profits From Your Own Winning Selections Plus I'll send you weekly lessons for a whole year to help you build a rock solid profit making portfolio of winning methods and skills!

5 Reasons Why Starting Out As A Pro Punter (alone) Is A Bad Idea

   1. Buying Commercial Systems is inefficient. Even the good commercially available betting systems are a bad buy. Once they have been exposed to hundreds of buyers, in most cases they become less efficient as the markets adapt to them. When everybody is betting the same selections market forces dictate that the price has to shorten. When the price shortens then the value is eroded, when the value is eroded a winning system soon becomes a break even system and then from there it becomes a losing system. 
   2. Successful Tipsters Ultimately Lose. It doesn't matter how amazingly good a tipster is, once the world finds out how good they are they go the same way as the good system. Prices disappear. This may still be workable if you are the first to hear (and take a price) on their selections. But in the real world there is always somebody closer to the source than you and you have to be very lucky to get value prices.
   3.Form Reading Will Ruin Your Life. I know people who are expert form readers they spend every waking hour analysing races and they make profits. But they have permanent headaches, little time for other people (including family) and frankly are not anymore successful than me!
   4. Creating Your Own Systems Is Hard Work. If you have the time and energy to analyse the past 10 years of horse racing data and to then test your findings on a separate data set, then frankly you would be well advised to do that. But the truth is that almost all of this research has been done before and  much of it has been done by me. You can save days, weeks, months and sometimes years of work by picking the brains of somebody who has done it all before.
   5. Everybody Expects You To Fail. Gambling is still frowned upon by many and because there are so few succesful role models your family and friends will think that you are chasing some kind of Fools Gold. You need to be mentally strong to deal with your own fears and low moments and to deal with the perceptions of those closest to you.

52-Week Training Program For Becoming A Succesful Pro Gambler

Your own Sports & Racing Tipster Service

Here's a look at the topics you'll cover using Wealthy Tipster Secrets....

So what's the formula for success??

  60% of success is down to marketing. It's more important to be known than to pick the most winners!

  10% is about picking winners and losers. Thats right, amazing as it may seem, being able to pick winners is almost an insignificant part of the sports advisory business. But I will still show you how to "tap" into the sources that will be queuing up to give you winners.

  The final 40%? Credibility! I will show you how to rocket your credibility, and get all the publicity you can handle for the cost of a phone call.
  If you're still not convinced, consider the following:

  The top two sports advisory services in the UK showed profits of over £800,000 a year!

  One of those services, sold 70% of its business to a leading leisure group for £2 million. However, this business demands to be run in a certain way and the service was soon losing money for its new owners. Two years later the original owners bought the business back for....£74,000, with net assets of £40.

  Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get the RIGHT start in the sports advisory business. My course is a complete blueprint that will take you by the hand and show you how to run a profitable sports advisory business.
  Do you really want to miss being part of such a lucrative business?

  It's so lucrative that a recent study by US Congress estimated that bettors:
  Spend a total of 380 billion dollars seeking the elusive dream.
    20% pay for sports selections
    25% of them stake over $120,000 a year.
    On average each customer pays 1% of the total stake to a sports advisory service. i.e $1200 a year.

The important bit is "20 percent pay for sports selections ". That's a huge market that can be modelled as follows:

Total wagered annually =
$380 billion
Stake of big players x 25% =
$96 billion
Amount staked by potential customers x 20% =
$19 billion
Average amount spent for selections x 1% =
$190 million

  That leaves a domestic addressable market of $190 million.

  Now remember this is just the US! Add to that to sports fans in the UK, Australia and other parts of the world and we have an addressable market of over $600 million. Even more importantly, the maket is increasing by 10% very year!

  Isn't it time you staked your claim?

Sports Advisory Business Guide

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